Roche specializes in the manufacture of operable interior motorized shades, primarily for sloped and horizontal glass structures — skylights, solariums, greenhouses, conservatories, sunrooms and atriums.

Custom designed to suit your specific concerns, we offer the perfect solution to your shading needs.

Our principal product, the Roche System 300, is a tracked Roman-fold, motorized interior shade designed for sloped and curved glass.  This is a non-tensioned system which uses controlled gravity to move shades down a slope and motor torque to retract them. System 300 is used in greenhouses and also adapts perfectly to pitched skylights.

For gable ends
, we offer the System 401 manual Roman-fold shade – cut to fit the curve/pitch and designed to match the format of the roof shades.

Horizontal skylights
are shaded with our System 500 Roman-fold shade, which extends and retracts utilizing motor control at one end of the skylight.

Systems 300 and 500 are also offered as manually operated shades for small, easy to reach greenhouses and skylights.
We also specialize in Motorized Roller Shades for windows and doors. Especially suited for large vertically oriented glass areas!

Roche Systems 200/300/500 use quiet tubular electric motors run on 110v AC current with maximum 3 ampere draw per motor.
The following control options are offered with motorization:

    • Switch Control (Wall switch or Key switch)
    • Remote control (Infared or Radio Frequency)
    • Individual, group or sub-group control
    • Interface for Home Automation Systems Control
    • Sun Sensor Control
    • Timer Control
    • Temperature Control

Shade fabrics
Roche Systems 200/300/401/500 offer a line of shade fabrics carefully selected for their superior performance in withstanding the extreme heat, high humidity and damaging ultraviolet rays of the greenhouse environment.
The selected fabrics are designed to reduce excessive summer heat build-up, reduce heat loss on cold winter nights and protect carpeting, floors, walls, and furniture from fading.
Roche shade fabric selection includes:

  • Solar, privacy and blackout fabrics
  • “Green” fabrics
  • Aluminum reflective insulating fabrics
  • Aluminum coated reflective insulating solar fabrics